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Home Security Equipment Maintenance And Servicing

We at Bee Tee Alarms know that equipment that is damaged, broken or faulty is essentially useless, this is why we offer our security equipment maintenance and servicing to all of our customers. To ensure you that all your equipment is up & running as expected and delivering the results that they are designed to do. When broken or damaged equipment is on display it no longer serves the purpose of deterring people from your premises or as a home security system.


Security Equipment Set and Checks

Bee Tee alarms will check a large variety of different equipment to ensure that they are working as intended. Our years of experience tells us that properly maintained equipment will save customers money from having to replace old, broken equipment.


Checking and Cleaning Detection Equipment

Our 30+ years of experience with security equipment and installing them has taught us that detection equipment must be maintained for full operational use. The surrounding environment must be properly cleaned to ensure the long-lasting protection of your premises.


Here is a full list of all the checks we provide our maintenance customers

Along with all our services listed above we also offer a variety of other checks and maintenance work to ensure your premises are secure from unwanted intruders.


Power Supplies

Accessing enough power to reliably control and maintain the function of all of your equipment cannot be understated. Without the adequate power then what is the point in installing all the new equipment into your premises? Our team here at Bee Tee Alarms will easily be able to work out what power supplies you need and provide you with the fix for your power supply issue.

Operation of Door Access Control Systems

As we all know your doors are the main point of entry for all people seeking to enter and exit your premises. The door is essential to every single building, therefore the main door (and other doors) must be checked on a regular basis.

with nearly 25 years of experience with installation and maintenance work means that we know exactly what needs to be checked and what needs regular maintenance in order to provide full operation of their systems. Our years of experience means that we can provide all these checks and maintenance work in a timely fashion so not to take up too much time out of your busy day. We know that to provide you with the fastest, economically efficient and the highest-quality fix to all of your security needs, our expert teams need to be intelligent in how we approach your security needs.

If you wish to learn more about our maintenance service then you can always contact us through our contact page or you can call us on 0808 168 1233.

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