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Access Control Systems and Home Security

It can be unrealistic to pay someone’s salary just to keep a few doors and areas protected from intrusions. Unmanned areas with no access control provide intruders with an opportunity to access areas to which they are forbidden. You may employ staff that work within situations in which they can end up in vulnerable positions. In either case, you may want to consider implementing an ‘Access Control’ or a ‘Door Entry System’.

Bee Tee Alarms Ltd has already installed and implemented a wide range of Access Control and Door Entry Systems for businesses, contractors, and local authorities in and around Northampton, Birmingham, and Milton Keynes. Whether it was just a simple single door entry system into the main office or entrance into the building or a fully managed, large-scale multi-door Access Control system. No matter the scale of your premises that you want protection for, we can offer an access control system designed for all your needs.


Door Entry Systems

We understand that controlling who can access your premises doesn’t need to be complicated, however, we also know it is essential to keep unwanted ‘visitors’ out. This is why we provide Audio and Video solutions for domestic and business premises. Allowing entry to those who are accepted by you and staff.

These precautions before allowing access to the property will ensure that anyone allowed to access the premises is identified by you or staff before any face-to-face interaction. This system implemented can either control single or multiple doors for staff or other occupiers to speak to visitors before allowing access inside the premises.

  • Single or multi-way stations with either audio or video and audio notifications
  • Strategically positioned handsets to allow staff or other occupiers to allow access to premises
  • Options to allow scheduled access for trade deliveries
  • DDA Systems available


Home Security & Access Control systems Birmingham

Door access control system

Access control systems

Our access control systems can be designed as a simple Keypad or card/fob entry on a single door, through to a fully managed system, allowing single or mutiple doors to be fully controlled and monitored.


Access Control Systems

The Access Control Systems we put in place gives you a variety of options to access certain areas. Whether you decide to use cards, proximity fobs, PIN codes or a selection of access control systems. By limiting access to certain areas comes with the question of safety in the situation of a fire in the building. This is why we can provide a fire alarm integration to our Access Control System to make sure everyone on the premises can easily and quickly exit the building without any limitations stopping them from doing so.
With our Access Control, we can provide historical reports of who has had access to which area. This is to ensure that the wrong people are not accessing forbidden areas deemed by you or other staff members.
For members of staff, we can make the access cards used for entry also provide personal details such as name and position of the employee. Our Access Control Systems can provide other features which you can implement in your business for added security. Contact us now on 0808 168 1233.

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