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CCTV For Your Home And Business

Keep your business secure with our professionally planned and installed CCTV systems. We work with businesses all over the Midlands area, installing security cameras to ensure the safety of staff and the premises. We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers within the industry to bring you high-quality surveillance CCTV systems.

Working With The Best

We work with industry leaders to bring you the latest and greatest in security camera systems so that you know that your business or property is secure. We keep innovating with products and how we work to provide you with the best security at the most affordable rates on the market today. We understand that security can worry a lot of people, not just in public but at home and at work.

When you own a property or have other property close to your premises CCTV cameras can help the local authorities locate and pinpoint the individuals responsible for any vandalism, crimes committed, or damage caused. Having CCTV installed within your premises will help lower the local crime rate around your premises and the chance of these crimes being committed towards you and your property. Looking at getting security cameras for your home or business?


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System functions

The CCTV footage is stored onto a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or can be stored on an NVR (Network Video Recorder), this gives you more flexibility for storage options. Our CCTV systems can be managed onsite or can be set up for remote management. The flexible way you can store footage is completely dependant on how you want to store that information. By allowing a remote management system, we allow you to live your life without worrying about keeping track of all the footage stored within the ‘Digital Video Recorder’ or the ‘Network Video Recorder’. If however, you like to know that all footage is being tracked by someone in-house then that option is open and completely up to you.

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Hidden CCTV Cameras

Bee Tee Alarms now offers you the option to conceal your cameras in plain sight with our CCTV camera colour matching service. We can spray your cameras to match your walls so that your cameras don’t ruin the aesthetics of your property. Spraying your CCTV cameras can also help improve home security as the intruders may not know straight away where the cameras are meaning they won’t know where the blind spots are.
Not only does this help you and local authorities spot whoever is trespassing, vandalising or damaging the premises but also doesn’t intrude on the appearance of the property. With colour matched CCTV cameras it allows you to have almost invisible security.

Now you have the information you need please make sure you contact us so we can get things moving towards making your business and property a safer place to be.

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